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SUP Yoga

Group classes and private lessons available

Test your balance and shake up your practice in this laughter filled specialty class. For first-time yogis and advanced practioners, you'll get a workout and a tan before you are gently lulled into Savasana.

What to expect

SUP Yoga classes venture out from Railay West Beach at 9:30 am. Classes last 1 hour and 15 minutes and include SUP and Asana instruction. We guarantee, Railay Bay is the most beautiful studio you have ever practiced in!


Yoga lessons can be geared to all levels. You will find that practicing on a SUP board will be an entirely different experience from practicing on solid ground. Even the most "basic" poses take on a whole new dimension on the water. Therefore we gear the class to enjoy and experiment the fundamentals. Advanced yogis are welcome to modify!

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